SmartSpeed Dash - System Hardware

Hardware Components

The SmartSpeed Dash system includes 1 one timing gate and consists of the following hardware components.

  • 1 x Dash timing unit  
  • 1 x Reflector   
  • 2 x Tripods  
  • 1 x 5V USB charger   
  • 1 x Dash hard travel case (stores up to 2 timing gates)
Multiple SmartSpeed Dash systems can be combined to provide users with additional timing gates.
Timing Unit

Timing Unit

The SmartSpeed Dash timing unit includes a speaker that provides an audible signal to athletes and coaches.

The timing unit also include two light beams:

  • Photocell beam - this is what is used with the reflector to detect objects and has a wider, weaker appearance.
  • Laser aiming beam - is purely an aid in aligning the timing unit with a reflector, as it is significantly more visible and pointed than the photocell beam.

Turning on

When the timing unit is turned on, the unit will produce a loud audible beep and project a laser beam.

The laser beam must be aligned with an adjacent reflector to stop the beeping.

TIP: Ensure a reflector is in line with the timing unit prior to turning the timing unit on. Once you turn the timing unit on, align the unit by placing your hand on the tripod neck.  

Command unit

Any Dash timing unit can be assigned by a user to act as the command unit for the SmartSpeed Dash System(s).

The command unit uses two in-built devices to:

  • IEEE 802.15.4 - to communicate between timing units; and
  • Bluetooth - to communicate to a mobile device (SmartSpeed app)

A SmartSpeed Dash command unit can communicate with up to 9 timing units.

TIP: Keep the command unit within 10-20m of your mobile device for optimal performance.

Button functions

Button Action Unit Response Purpose
Power / Reset Press once and release LED Display lights up, power / reset indicator LED turns red,
buzzer may sound if not aligned with reflector
Turns unit on

Press and hold (for 2 seconds) All LEDs turn off Turns unit off
Press and hold (for 10 seconds) Power / reset indicator LED on back unit turns on Resets the unit
Bluetooth LED Press and hold (for 3 seconds) Button will turn green and unit will emit a triple beep Initial pairing of command unit to your mobile device

No action Button flashing blue Unit is waiting for Bluetooth connection
No action Button solid blue Unit is connected to Bluetooth
(CH) / ID
Press once and release Displays current channel and ID settings
Check current unit settings

Press and hold (for 3 seconds) Unit will triple beep, channel and ID buttons will begin flashing
Enter channel or ID setting mode
Press once and release (when button is flashing) Channel or ID display number will change Change channel or ID setting