SmartSpeed Pro - Setup Timing Gates

SmartSpeed Pro Systems include multiple timing gates, and each timing gate consists of the following components:
  • 1 x timing unit
  • 1 x reflector
  • 2 x tripods

1. Assembly

 To assemble a timing gate:
  1. Assemble the tripods
    1. Loosen tripod knob and pull legs away from stem.
    2. Push down on knob assembly until supports are horizontal.
  2. Connect the timing unit and reflector to the tripods
    1. Line up the tripod connection with the bayonet on the tripod.
    2. Press down into the tripod and twist into a locked position.
    3. Ensure tripod neck is firmly tightened.

Repeat the above steps for all timing gates in your system.

Once all timing gates have been assembled, the gates can be positioned for the required drill.

2. Positioning 

To determine the layout of your timing gates, refer to the SmartSpeed Drills for suggested drill protocols.

To position a timing gate:

  1. Accurately measure the distance between timing units
  2. Place a timing unit and a reflector in line with each other (generally 1-4m apart)
  3. Stand behind a timing unit
  4. Turn on the timing unit – the unit will beep until it is correctly aligned with the reflector
  5. Hold the top of the unit with one hand
  6. Hold the tripod neck with the other hand
  7. Direct the light beam towards the reflector
  8. Adjust the light beam until the red alignment light is on and the unit stops beeping
  9. Repeat the above steps for each timing gate required.
TIP: The SmartSpeed tripods include a peg hole to enable the units to be fastened down. This can help prevent the wind and athletes from knocking the gates out of position.

3. Setup SmartHub (Command Unit)