How to Connect Your Wireless Adapter

To your FD 4000 and FDLite V.1 Hardware

Step 1. Connect your Adapter using the 3-pin power cable and the ForceDecks USB cable.

Step 2. Press the ON/OFF button on the Adapter.

Step 3. Two lights should come on - the middle LED light indicating the battery level and a flashing white LED indicating that the Adapter is starting up.

Step 4. Once the white LED light stops flashing, a blue LED light will flash to indicate that the Adapter is seeking to pair with a device.

Step 5. Open your ForceDecks app on either iOS or Windows.

Step 6. Your ForceDecks hardware should appear in the app. 

  • For help connecting your device, click the link below - ForceDecks Bluetooth connection. 

Step 7. Select your hardware to sync and connect.

Please note that the Adapter will not start the pairing process unless both the 3-pin plug and the USB cable to the ForceDecks is connected.

If your device won’t pair or if it loses the pairing connection, then you will need to reboot your Adapter;

  • Press the ON/OFF button until the power indicator lights begins flashing. Wait for the Adapter to power down – with no lights illuminated.
  • Press the on/off button again and wait for the white light to stop flashing.
  • The blue pairing light should automatically flash.
  • If the Adapter is still not pairing, please check your cable connections.

Information about the lights on the Adapter:

The first WHITE LED indicates;

  • Flashing indicates starting up or powering down.
  • Solid ON means the Adapter is ON and ready.
  • OFF means the Adapter is OFF.

The second LED changes colour and indicates;

  • Flashing indicates that the Adapter is charging – all colours.
  • Solid RED indicates the battery level is too low. The Adapter will not turn on.
  • Solid YELLOW indicates that the battery is moderately charged.
  • Solid GREEN indicates that the battery is fully charged.
  • OFF means the Adapter is OFF.

The third LED is BLUE and indicates;

  • Flashing indicates pairing mode.
  • ON indicates the Adapter is paired with a device.
  • OFF means the Adapter is not paired with a device.

Turning off:

Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the WHITE LED begins flashing to turn off the adapter. The WHITE LED will continue to flash as the Adapter powers down, then all lights out indicate that the Adapter is OFF.

  • OFF means the Adapter is not paired with a device.

Configuration in Windows

You may require to alter the Platform Type, and Connection Type, in the Windows ForceDecks Application.

  1. Go to Options | Settings | Platform, and in the Selected Platform Type dropdown, select Any Platform Type.
  2. Once selected, click the ForceDecks button.

Now select one of the Bluetooth connection types (Preferred or Only).  Save.