Pacing with SmartSpeed

The SmartSpeed Hub (included in the SmartSpeed Pro system) enables users run pacing drills. Users can create their own pacing drill or use one of the following pacing templates:

  • Beep Test Standard
  • Beep Test Start Level 6
  • Beep Test Start Level 8
  • Vameval Test
  • YoYo Test Level 1 No Warning
  • YoYo Test Level 1 With Warning
  • YoYo Test Level 2 No Warning
  • YoYo Test Level 2 With Warning
  • 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test
  • 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (25 stages)
To setup a pacing drill using a template:
  1. Log in to SmartSpeed Online
  2. Select My Pacing Tapes
  3. Click New My Pacing Tapes
  4. Click the first cell in the Template column
  5. Select a Template for the drop-down list
  6. Click Save & Close