SmartShoxx can be used on any SmartSpeed Pro timing unit, in any drill (except jumping) as an alternative to the photocell sensor.  

SmartShoxx can be attached to an object such as a target or tackle bag. It then detects a vibration or impact over a desired threshold and records the event with millisecond accuracy. 

Configuring SmartShoxx

There are two DIP switches on SmartShoxx: 

  • Intensity – Left DIP switch 
  • Special Functions – Right DIP switch 
The Intensity DIP switch enables users to set the intensity of the impact required to trigger an event, for example: 
  • For highest sensitivity – set both switches to the bottom position 
  • For lowest sensitivity – set both switches to the top position 
The Special Functions DIP switch enables users to set further sensitivities, for example: 
  • The left switch is a multiplier of the Intensity DIP switch. There are therefore 8 sensitivity settings. 
  • The right switch is for retriggering time.  After the initial impact SmartShoxx will ignore further signals until the unit is ‘re-armed’ (e.g., continuing vibrations in an object after initial impact). If the target is prone to a lot of shaking after impact, selecting a longer retriggering time will ignore any false signals. Additional fine tuning of retriggering time  
For sensitive applications such as fencing, athletic starts and other slight movements or vibrations, select the lowest sensitivity - set both switches to the top position. 

Connecting SmartShoxx

Connect the SmartShoxx to the relevant timing unit using the PS2 connector (green end). Timing units connected to SmartShoxx do not require a reflector.