SmartSpeed Drill - Interval Protocol


Interval Protocol drills are designed to test speed endurance and intermittent performance.  With 2 timing gates per lane, the athlete will move from Gate A to Gate B (in either direction) in a Fixed Recovery or Fixed Duration format for the set number of sub sessions indicated. 

Minimum number of timing gates: 2

Suitable for SmartSpeed Pro

Drill Options:

  • Multi Lane - minimum 2 timing gates per lane
  • Fixed Duration - duration of intervals are fixed. Rest period is included in the interval
  • Fixed Recovery - rest periods of intervals are fixed. It starts when athlete finishes one interval

To setup in SmartSpeed app:

  1. Log in to SmartSpeed app
  2. Select Start Session
  3. Select Drill: Interval Protocol
  4. Select My Drill: Standard (unless using a custom drill created in SmartSpeed Online)
  5. Select your Team
  6. Select Mode: Automatic (unless using SmartScan RFID reader)
  7. Confirm Re-arm: 500 ms. The time it takes for gates to reset for the next athlete - adjust as required
  8. Name session as required for your reporting
  9. Select Ready
  10. Set the timing gate order. Walk through the timing gates in the order the athlete will pass through.
  11. Select your Type
  12. Select your Duration. The amount of time the drill should last for each athlete
  13. Select your Repetitions. The number of repetitions of the drill each athlete will perform
  14. [Fixed Duration] Select your Events. The number of instances the athlete will break a beam for the drill
  15. [Fixed Duration] Select Start Type: Standard  
  16. Select your Tag Result preference. If you select On, you then select the amount of time to tag a result valid or invalid
  17. Select the Tick Icon 
  18. Run through the drill as configured