Identify your SmartSpeed Timing Unit

The following descriptions will help you to identify the model and version of your SmartSpeed timing units. 

SmartSpeed Dash

This is the most recent version of SmartSpeed dash timing units

SmartSpeed Pro V2.1

This is the most recent version of SmartSpeed Pro timing units.

Look carefully through the clear decal above the warning label “WARNING_SUPERBRIGHT LIGHT SOURCE” to find ‘V2.1’ printed on the black inside stem. 

SmartSpeed Pro V2

To identify SmartSpeed Pro V2 look through the clear unit decal and find the black printed PCB boards. 
Please note that this version has been discontinued due to a change in PCB board design and the charging circuit.

Smartspeed Pro V1

Smartspeed Pro V1 is easy to identify. The PCB boards inside the V1 units are printed green and can be found by looking through the clear decal.

Please note V1 has been discontinued.