How to Improve ForceDecks Bluetooth Signal Strength

ForceDecks force plates are fully Bluetooth compatible, and can connect to either a Windows computer or Apple iOS device. Due to the quantity of data that ForceDecks measures errors can sometimes occur when the Bluetooth connection is not strong enough to carry all of the data. 
The following tips should be used when troubleshooting the source of a Bluetooth signal error. 

Ensure your force plate firmware is up to date 

Having current firmware is important to maximizing the Bluetooth connection strength between your force plates and the capture device. Steps for updating your ForceDecks firmware can be found here

Connect via USB 

To confirm that your force plates are in proper working order, and the Bluetooth signal is the source of the problem, try connecting your force plates to a Windows computer via USB to confirm that they are functioning properly. 

Connect another Bluetooth device to your Windows or iOS device 

To confirm that the Bluetooth receiver on your Windows or iOS device is functioning properly, connect another Bluetooth device (such as Bluetooth enabled headphones or a Bluetooth enabled mouse) to your capture device to confirm that it is working properly. 

Remove any obstructions between the force plates and your Windows or iOS device 

The wireless Bluetooth signal is weakened when it has to travel through physical obstructions. For instance, walls, concrete floors, and metal squat racks are common examples of physical obstructions that can be between force plates and your capture device that weaken the Bluetooth signal. 

Remove other signals from the room 

If the ForceDecks Bluetooth signal is weak, it may be crowded out by other wireless devices in the area. Try connecting your force plates to your Windows or iOS device via Bluetooth with no other Bluetooth or wireless devices in the room. 

Reduce the sampling frequency 

Reduce the ForceDecks sampling frequency in the Settings menu. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred between the force plates and the capture device every second. This is especially helpful if performing balance tests via Bluetooth, where additional data needs to be transferred to measure centre of pressure.