Save and export an FDA (ForceDecks Archive) file

A ForceDecks user may wish to edit tests outside of the ForceDecks environment, or transfer tests already recorded onto another PC running ForceDecks in offline mode, for example for further analysis.

ForceDecks provides this functionality in the form of a ForceDecks Archive (*.fda) file.

In Profiles, multi pick the profiles of choice; Ctrl & Select from list Left mouse button.

From the Actions menu on the right select Load tests for Selected.

Similarly, in the Tests Window - Ctrl and highlight the tests you wish to export, followed by the Save Tests to Archive option from the Actions menu.

Save the <Filename>.fda file to your location of choice

To Load a ForceDecks Archive file, simply select the Load Tests from Archive option for the selected profiles, and navigate to the ForceDecks Archive (*.fda) file of choice.