Run a Balance Test in ForceDecks

This guide covers how to run a balance test in ForceDecks.
  1. Click Profiles.
  2. Select a profile.
  3. Click Record Test for Profile.
  4. Select Test Type.
    1. Quiet Stand
    2. Single Leg Stand
    3. Single Leg Range of Stability
  5. Specify the following options (as applicable):
    1. Exercise Length
    2. Eyes Closed
    3. Unstable Surface
    4. Secondary Task
  6. Be sure that nothing is touching the force plates.
  7. Note: If using a foam pad on the plates to create an unstable surface, place the foam pad on the plates now.
  8. Click Zero Platforms.
  9. The individual can step onto the force plates.
  10. Click Start Recording.
  11. Have your individual perform the required balance movement (refer to ForceDecks Test Protocols).
  12. Click Record Another Trial to have the individual preform another trial of the exercise with the same settings.
  13. Note: left/right testing leg can be switched between trials.
  14. Once the desired number of trials are completed click Stop Recording.
  15. Click Analyse and Save – to move directly to the next individual, or click Analyse – to review result.