VALD Hub - 7 September 2021

VALD Hub - Feature improvements 


This VALD Hub release includes minor feature enhancements and additional test types for the Force Decks System:

Force decks system updates: 

  • Addition of the following balance test options: 
    • Quiet Stand (QSB)
    • Single Leg Stand (SLSB)
    • Single Leg Range of Stability (SLRSB)
  • Addition of Single Leg Squat test (SLSQT)
  • Centre of Pressure force trace added to Force Decks Centre of pressure tests in VALD systems 

Enhancements made to the following features:

  • Management screen: Breadcrumbs added to management screen for guided navigation through this screen
  • Reports page: Enhanced printing formatting when printing from reports page 
  • Improved screen responsiveness across a number of pages within VALD Hub