ForceDecks Release Notes August 2021

Centre of Pressure

ForceDecks and ForceDecks iOS now measure centre of pressure (CoP). When a compatible force plate is connected, an additional view is now available during test recording that displays a live view of the CoP on each force plate.

Balance Tests

Three balance tests have been added which take advantage of ForceDecks’ centre of pressure measurements. They are Quiet Stand (QSB), Single Leg Stand (SLSB), and Single Leg Range of Stability (SLRSB). These new tests come with a range of balance metrics and optional test parameters.

Single Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat Assessment (SLSQT) is now included in ForceDecks’ suite of dynamic tests.

Start of Movement options

Multiple methods for detecting start of movement during the Countermovement Jump, Countermovement Jump - Loaded, Squat Jump, Squat Jump - Loaded, Abalakov Jump, and Single Leg Jump tests are now available. These methods can be customized in the Analysis settings menu and are synced between ForceDecks and ForceDecks Jump when used on the same device.

Updated Menu Icons

The right-hand menu icons in ForceDecks have been updated to more intuitively indicate the function of each button.

Weight in Pounds (lbs) in the iOS app

The ForceDecks iOS app now displays weight in pounds (lbs).
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