ForceDecks Test: Single Leg Stand Protocol

ForceDecks App Protocol

Starting Position
  • Standing tall on one foot
  • Hands on hips
  • Chest up and looking forward 
  1. Enter the exercise length  Input the desired length of the protocol (in seconds).
  2. [OPTIONAL] Select additional test parameters – Select if the individual being tested has their eyes closed, is standing on an unstable surface, or is performing a secondary task. 
  3. Zero plates – Ensure nothing is touching the plates (except for the foam pad if the test is being performed with an unstable surface) and click "Zero Platforms".
  4. Assume starting position – Ask individual to assume starting position on the plates. ForceDecks will auto-detect which leg is being assessed.
  5. Start recording - Click "Start Recording". A three second countdown will indicate when the recording will begin.
  6. Perform protocol - Instruct the individual to:
    1. Keep their feet set;
    2. Hands on hips; and
    3. Stand as still as possible for the length of the exercise. 
  7. Repeat exercise – Click "Record Another Trial" to perform another trial of the exercise with the same settings (left/right testing leg can be switched between trials).
  8. Stop recording – Click "Stop Recording" to stop recording additional trials.
  9. Analyse – Click "Analyse and Save" - to move directly to next individual; or "Click Analyse" – to review results
Reps 1 - 100 trials
Default Instant Results
  • Total Excursion [mm]
  • Mean Velocity [mm/s]
  • CoP Range - Medial-Lateral [mm]
  • CoP Range - Anterior-Posterior [mm]  


  • Total Excursion Asymmetry [% L,R] 
  • Mean Velocity Asymmetry [% L,R] 
  • CoP Range - Medial-Lateral Asymmetry [% L,R]
  • CoP Range - Anterior-Posterior Asymmetry [% L,R]