ForceDecks Test: Single Leg Range of Stability Overview


The Single Leg Range of Stability test is a reliable assessment for measuring an individual’s base of support.  

This test can provide helpful context when used in conjunction with the other balance assessments.  
For example, by comparing the area of CoP ellipse metric in the Single Leg Range of Stability and Single Leg Stand assessments, the amount of the individual’s total base of support that is used during a simple stance activity can be measured. 
This test can be performed with three modifications: 
  1. Eyes closed - The individual closes their eyes throughout the assessment to remove their visual balance system. 
  2. Unstable surface - A foam pad is placed on the force plate under the individual’s foot which strains the individual’s ability to balance through proprioception. (Note: it is important to zero the plates when the foam pad is in place) 
  3. Secondary task - The individual is asked to perform another small task which takes their focus away from the assessment. 
In addition, the length of assessment can be adjusted. The length of this assessment only needs to be long enough for the individual to comfortably complete the protocol.