ForceDecks Test: Quiet Stand Overview


The Quiet Stand test is a simple balance assessment that evaluates an individual’s ability to remain in a stable and upright position.  
This assessment is ideal for individuals who have difficulty with the more strenuous Single Leg Stand balance assessment. 
This test can be performed with three modifications which increase the difficulty: 
  1. Eyes closed - The individual closes their eyes throughout the assessment to remove their visual balance system. 
  2. Unstable surface - A foam pad is placed on the force plate under the individual’s feet which strains the individual’s ability to balance through proprioception (i.e., awareness of their body’s position and movement). (Note: it is important to zero the plates when the foam pad is in place) 
  3. Secondary task - The individual is asked to perform another small task which takes their focus away from the assessment. 
In addition, the length of the Quiet Stand test can be adjusted. When possible, a longer assessment is recommended. However, some metrics are dependent on the length of the assessment (e.g., Total Excursion [mm]), so care must be taken when comparing metrics between assessments with different lengths.