VALD Hub - 23 August 2021

VALD Hub - Feature improvements 


This VALD Hub release includes minor bug fixes and feature enhancements 

  • Dashboard
  • Profiles
  • VALD Systems
  • Management
  • VALD Hub / Telehab Merge 


  • Update to DSI Tile to respect within threshold configuration


  • Most Recent: improvement to asymmetry chart bar spacing and chart size view per page
  • Most recent: Updated calculations for asymmetry comparison data on test tiles
  • Overview: Confirmation modal added when user deleted charts
  • Overview: Profile average line included in chart legend
  • Profile Filter: Profile count and profile selection respecting group filter
  • Profile List and Grid: Update to remain on the same page after profile selection
  • Results Table: ForceDecks x-axis force trace alignment visual improvement

VALD Systems

  • Enhancements to search on filters 
  • Improvements of alignment of long text in lists and filters
  • Improvement in spacing between data displayed in charts
  • Group average badge removed from group average line display in individual longitudinal charts


  • Profile creation: Newly created groups displayed and deleted groups removed from list
  • Groups list: Ability to move profiles to a new group
  • Groups list: Update to ordering of profile count to respect numerical order

VALD Hub / Telehab Merge

VALD’s TeleHab - exercise prescription platform, has been merged with VALD Hub. 

All VALD Hub users now have access to a TeleHab account, and can access their account from the following VALD Hub pages: 

  • Dashboard 
  • Systems 
  • Management 

Users will also be able to access the TeleHab exercise library from the Program Builder page in VALD Hub. 

The following User Management permissions have been added to VALD Hub to control TeleHab access: 

General Permission 

TeleHab Practitioner  – enables users to view, edit, add and delete the following in TeleHab: 

  • Profiles 
  • Programs 
  • Templates

Administration Permission 

TeleHab PMS / EMR link – enables users to view and modify PMS / EMS integration settings in TeleHab.