ForceDecks Centre of Pressure

What is Centre of Pressure? 
Centre of pressure represents the middle application point of all forces acting between a force applicator and its support surface. 
How does this apply to ForceDecks? 
When standing on a force plate, your body mass provides the downward force being applied to the force plate, which is the support surface.  

(a) Force plate coordinate system (b) Pressure distribution of foot (c) Forces captured from force plate sensors (d) Final force captured from force plate
Why measures Centre of Pressure with ForceDecks?
Consider a 30 second single leg stand exercise. Visually you can make some broad conclusions about whether an individual is wobbling or looks stable.
By measuring centre of pressure, numerical values can be recorded for the assessment. For example:
  • How many times per second the individual needed to correct their balance; and
  • How far the individual needed to shift their centre of pressure to maintain their balance.