Customise Start of Integration Analysis

What is start of integration?

ForceDecks integrates the measured force and acceleration curves to calculate values such as velocity, height, and impulse. 

Start of integration is the point at which the integration begins. For accurate results, the integration must start from a point when the individual is completely stationary.  

Selecting a start of integration method 

Start of integration analysis settings can be customised in ForceDecks, ForceDecks Jump, and ForceDecks iOS. These settings will be applied to the following tests: 
  • Countermovement Jump
  • Countermovement Jump - Loaded
  • Squat Jump
  • Squat Jump - Loaded
  • Abalakov Jump
  • Single Leg Jump

Start of integration methods

ForceDecks supports four methods for determining start of integration: 

  1. Integrate from Start of Movement (ForceDecks default method) 
  2. Integrate from period prior to Start of Movement 
  3. Integrate from stable point prior to Start of Movement 
  4. Integrate from Start of Trial