HumanTrak Release Notes July 2021

Release Notes for HumanTrak v2.8.4


  • Improved accuracy for Neck Lateral Flexion metric.
  • Informative message when a Profile search has no results.
  • Family Name is now a mandatory field during Profile creation.
  • Error message displayed when a kit license has expired.
  • Multiple instances of HumanTrak Trainer can no longer be accidentally opened at once.


Offline use

HumanTrak offline use has been made easier

  1. Ensure you have logged in online to HumanTrak at least once
  2. Log out or restart HumanTrak
  3. Press the "Work Offline" grey button
  4. You are working offline
    1. Orange text in the bottom-left corner of the HumanTrak dashboard will inform you that you are working in offline mode
Any Profile you create, edit, or delete and HumanTrak sessions you collect while offline will not appear in VALD Hub until you log in online again

    Improved support for using HumanTrak offline (HumanTrak now indicates when a kit is offline and queues changes to be synced when the kit returns online).

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