VALD Hub - May 2021

Feature Improvements


In this VALD Hub release, there have been minor bug fixes and performance improvements and the inclusion of a new feature.  


  • Group filters have been added to the Dashboard.

Profile Overview

  • Radar plots – now include hover-over details per result.
  • Charts – visual update of the rolling average line.
  • Charts – visual update to support long chart titles  
  • Hover-overs on charts – now restricted to a maximum of two decimal places.
  • Group filters – now when using filters on list and grid view, Profiles are ordered alphabetically.
  • Assigning groups – a user now only needs to click ‘assign’ to save the profile to a group. Once the profile has been assigned to the desired groups, the user can click ‘done’ to exit the page.
  • ForceDecks Results table – when selecting single or multiple rows and clicking ‘show graph’ the chart drill down will now display.
  • Results Overview – date filter remains sticky when user leaves and returns to the page both within and between profiles.
  • Results Table – date filters are sticky when user leaves and returns to the page both within and between profiles.
  • Test Tile – visual update to support long tile titles.


  • Chart drill down – ‘High to low’ and ‘low to high’ sorting now respected for asymmetry test types.
  • Chart drill down – threshold now respecting metric direction for inverse metrics i.e. where lower values indicate an improvement.
  • DSI Report – Fix to the brush and zoom functioning for users utilising Mozilla Firefox as their browser.
  • Improved performance of loading tiles, charts and drill-downs.
  • Asymmetry metrics on drill down updated to absolute values with indication of left and right limb.
  • Charting – consistent display of primary axis when no test data recorded.
  • Chart Legends – fix to legend to correctly name Left & Right metric average line.
  • Test Tile – visual update to support long tile titles.

ForceFrame Hip Adduction:Abduction ratio

  • Calculation logic updated to exclude abduction from Hip AD:AB ratio when no repetitions were detected, now enabling calculation when only Adduction squeeze action is performed.

VALD Systems:

  • ForceFrame Edit Test – If a user created their own test type e.g. - "Knee Extension - Custom"; the position can now be edited.
  • Improved performance of loading test results for large date ranges.
  • Time of test converted to display in local time.
  • Date filters are now sticky when a user leaves and returns to a page.
  • ForceFrame Export CSV – now displaying External ID in CSV download.
  • ForceFrame & NordBord Edit Test – updates on ‘save’ click, no longer requires a page refresh.
  • Test Summary & Chart Hover Over – visual update to support long profile names.
  • ForceDecks .csv Export - Date & Time now export as two separate columns.


  • Search Function – updated error text when searching for a program that does not exist


  • Categories and Groups – now links to the categories page when creating a group or assigning groups when no categories have been created.
  • Groups – updated the error text when a user searches for a profile that does not exist