VALD Hub - April 2021

In this VALD Hub release there has been visual improvements, as well as the introduction of new features.

Follow the links below for more information regarding new VALD Hub features and updates: 

VALD Hub features and page updates:

Quick Add
  • The quick add button is a new feature located on the top of all VALD Hub pages. 
  • This button allows easy access to create a User, Profile or Program. 

NOTE: this button and the options available under it are subject to the users permissions.

Support Drop Down
  • In the support drop down, located on the top right corner of all VALD Hub pages, you are able to:
    • contact support, 
    • navigate to the support site,
    • download apps,
    • access post-sync report,
    • change organisation; and
    • log out. 

NOTE: post-sync report will only be available for organisations that have had their ForceDecks data and VALD Hub data merged. Change org will only be an option for users that have access to more than one organisation.

Dashboard Page
  • On the Dashboard you can now view new information from VALD, including links to webinars and support resources. 
  • The Dashboard highlights the latest test average for your assigned groups.
  • There are 6 editable tiles. You are able to set a % threshold of your assigned groups average, for a selected metric, over the selected time frame. If the latest test results for the assigned groups have improved or declined the tiles will display comparatively. 
  • Tiles also have a click through feature that allows you to see a graph and table of all the latest test results, for each profile that is used to calculate the latest test average. 
  • You will not be able to edit the metrics for the chart at the bottom of the Dashboard, but rather change which longitudinal chart you wish to display. Charts are pulled straight from the respective reports page, therefore the metrics you have selected for each of the longitudinal charts in the reports pages will be displayed.
Reports Page
  • Reports is a new addition to Hub. To select a report click on the chevron next to the report title. 
  • Reports page allows for filtering by not only time frame but also by groups. 
  • Tiles on Reports page follow the same structure as the Dashboard tiles. Instead of 6, there will now be 8 editable tiles per report. 
  • Each report will have 3 chart types that can be used to visualise data for the selected report. Charts are only able to be edited, not deleted or added. 
  • The Relative Test Metrics Chart displays the % of latest test average, for the selected metrics in relation to the 100% reference line (average of all groups selected over the time period selected). 
  • The Longitudinal chart allows for a primary and secondary metric (y-axis) to be selected with metric data being shown over time (x-axis). 
  • The Comparison chart also allows for a primary and secondary metric (y-axis) to be selected with the metric data being displayed for profiles (x-axis).
Profiles Page
  • Profiles page now has its own icon in the left hand side menu and is no longer under Management. 
  • Profiles page now allows for row or tile view of profiles.
  • On Profile page you are able to create, edit and delete profiles, as well as assign profiles to groups.
  • Rows/tiles have a click through feature that takes you to the profile's overview page.
  • Profile Overview tab is a new feature, whereas profile results table still has the same function as the old profile click through page.
Profile Overview
  • Tiles on Profile Overview page follow the same structure as the Dashboard and Report tiles. However on this page you are also able to add new tiles and delete existing tiles.  
  • Charts on Profile Overview page are similar to Reports page but can also be added and deleted, as well as edited.
  • Longitudinal charts function the same as reports longitudinal charts.
  • Relative Test Metric charts have the same function as Reports Relative Test Metric charts but with the addition of being able to select a radar plot view of the data.
  • Instead of a Comparison chart the Profile Overview page allows you to visualise a DSI Calculation chart. DSI charts cannot be edited in Profile Overview page only added and deleted. The DSI chart is being displayed based off the calculations set up on the DSI Reports page.
VALD Systems
  • All the old system dedicated pages have now been combined and can be found under the VALD Systems icon in the left hand side menu. 
  • Each systems page still has the same functionality as it use to.
Program Builder
  • Previously referred to as Training Programs. This page function still remains the same, it has just had a visual update.
  • Categories, Groups and Users tab can all still be found under Management. 
  • Addition of an Organisation tab. The organisation tab is similar to the old setting page. In the organisation tab the user is able to rename the organisation, select the date format, upload an organisation logo and select the system for measurement they want for their organisation.

NOTE: Users and Organisations tabs will only be visible to users with the appropriate permissions.