ForceDecks Release Notes 2.0.7760

Addition of New Test Types 

New test types have been added to allow for a wider range of testing. New test types include:

  • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull 
  • Isometric Squat 
  • Push Up
  • Single Leg Hop Test 

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull, Isometric Squat and Push Up are manually selected test types.

Single leg hop test can be auto detected in version 2.0.7760

Firmware Update 

A utility now exists in ForceDecks and ForceDecks Jump to update the firmware for FDMini, FDLite (V2) and FDMax platforms. Users will be advised when a new version of the firmware is available. 

For further information on how to update your firmware, please refer to ForceDecks - Updating Firmware.

Terminology Update

Terminology in ForceDecks App has been updated to provide consistent naming across all VALD Systems.

Old ForceDecks Naming Convention VALD’s Stack Naming Convention  
Attribute Category
Value Group
Athletes Profiles
Test Attributes Tag Types
Test Values Tags
Improved Performance of Multi Plate Mode in ForceDecks Jump
ForceDecks Jump now supports up to 4 sets (of 2 plates) in Multi Plate Mode when connected via USB. This includes real-time jump detection and force-time traces.