HumanTrak Release Notes March 2021

Release Notes for HumanTrak v2.2.4

We have been working hard to improve skeleton tracking and loading of many Profiles in HumanTrak. Stay tuned for many exciting updates, including new tests, new metrics, and improved data interpretation. 

Please see below for detailed changes in this update.


  • Skeleton animation movement is more responsive and realistic. Before it was tilting forward during standing posture tests but now it is more upright

Skeleton update

  • Improved closest body tracking so multiple Users can stand behind their Profile during data collection and the skeleton remains focused on the Profile
    • Do not stand directly next to the Profile when collecting test data
  • Bulk upload of Profiles correctly imports all Profiles instead of importing just the first Profile in the csv file
  • Reduced lag when loading many Profiles (>500) in the HumanTrak application dashboard
  • Updated the On-Screen Results for the squat test to include knee anterior/posterior translation
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements


Knee anterior-posterior translation

Total anterior-posterior translation of the knee during the entire trial

Example Usage

•       Understand abnormal knee movement during the Squat Protocol
•       Understand lower-limb control during the Drop Jump Protocol


Currently appears in the on-screen results for the squat test and as a column in the research mode csv

Knee AP metric