How to inflate AirBands

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How to inflate AirBands?

AirBands cuff inflation is automatically controlled via Bluetooth, using the AirBands app.
After the calibration process, your arterial occlusion pressure (AOP) will be recorded in the AirBands app. 
You can then select a percentage of your AOP to be applied during training:
  • 50% (recommended for arms),
  • 80% (recommended for legs),
or a custom value can be set.
Once you have confirmed a pressure to be applied, the AirBands can be inflated by tapping the Inflate button in the app.
This will automatically inflate the paired cuffs to the selected occlusion zone and maintain this air pressure for the duration of the training session.
Note: When selecting a pressure setting you should apply the most minimal amount of pressure required to achieve the outcome you are after.

What to do if AirBands do not inflate?

If you are unable to inflate your AirBands, it is possible the module is not securely connected to the band and therefore while the air pump is working it might not be filling the bladder.  
Please try the following to firmly secure the module to the band: 
  1. Feel the cuff material where AirBands module attaches to the band. 
  2. The area should feel smooth with two small, rounded bumps. These bumps are the two plugs that connect the airbladder in the band to the module.
  3. Push down on the plugs to firmly secure the module-to-band connection.  
If you are still unable to inflate your AirBands, ensure there is no residual air in the air bladder prior to pressing inflate. This can be done by gently applying pressure on the cuffs to remove the air.