HumanTrak Log files

Obtaining error log files from your HumanTrak system

The HumanTrak log files contain useful information to help diagnose errors or unwanted behaviour from your HumanTrak system. These can include random crashing, slow or unresponsive software, or the inability to collect data.

In any case, it helps when emailing Support to include a copy of log files so we can quickly and easily solve your specific problem and reduce the time taken for a fix to be applied. Please follow the steps below to obtain the appropriate log files to send to our Support team.

Step 1 – Navigate to the folder containing log files

Press the Windows key to bring up the search bar and paste the directory %Programdata%\HumanTrak\Logs

Press enter to navigate to the folder containing the log files.

The files of interest are called ‘log’ and ‘trainer_log’. The remaining files are simply a history of your log files up to the last 10 times you used your HumanTrak system. If you believe historical data may help Support solve your problem, feel free to send all log files.

Step 2 – Attach files to your email to Support

On your HumanTrak laptop, open your email using your browser of choice (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge)

Send an email to with your enquiry and attach the files:

  •        ‘log’ or ‘log.txt’ – these files contain logs to debug issues related to logging in, frozen screens, or lag when navigating Profiles
  •        ‘trainer_log’ or ‘trainer_log.txt’ – these files contain logs to debug issues related to performing a test or acquiring data