VALD Hub - January 2021

Feature Improvements

External ID
  • Addition of external ID in Add and Edit Profile page. 
  • External ID can also now be used to identify athlete profiles across external systems.

  • External ID’s have been linked between VALD Hub and ForceDecks: updating the ID via VALD Hub will update ForceDecks simultaneously. 
ForceDecks Suite Download
  • Now able to download complete ForceDecks Suite (Windows) from Dashboard and Downloads page

  • NOTE: Clicking the windows download link will download the ‘ForceDecksSuiteSetup.exe’ file which will install the ForceDecks App, ForceDecks Jump and ForceDecks Leaderboard.

Enhancements to ForceDecks Data Results
  • Horizontal scroll function improved relative to number of metrics displayed
  • Number of test(s) selected displayed in ForceDecks data visualizations
  • Addition of export (.csv.) ForceDecks Data Visualisation button to the ForceDecks Grid 

  • Larger graphing modal pop out for enhanced user display
  • Improvement to graph ordering display in ForceDecks with ability to display multi-select testing data:
    • Chronologically by date
    • Alphabetically by given name 
  • Update to the icons on the navigation panel – user no longer needs to click on the settings icon to access support, settings, or logout.
  • Removed Feedback button. Now able to provide feedback by contacting Support, under the Support icon in the navigation panel.
  • Release notes and Support centre tab tabs now accessible under Support Icon. 

Updates to Management Pages
  • Improved workflow after saving changes, when editing or adding User.
  • Permissions update. Group users are now only able to view Categories directly associated with the Groups they are assigned.
  • Fixed bug to enable user to Edit Group name successfully.
  • Consistent date format across all Management Pages.
  • New provision to Add Single or Add Multiple profiles under Add Profile(s) button. 

  • Actions button replaced with an Options icon across all Management Pages.

  • Assigned Groups on Users Page now displaying number of groups assigned to the user. 

  • User now able to delete profiles that are not assigned to a Group.
  • Now able to correctly enter Imperial (Pounds, Inches) metrics when editing Profile.
Training Program Builder - ForceFrame
  • User now able to edit an individual exercise tile in a program without it re-ordering the exercise in the training program. 

Minor Bug Fixes
  • Global updates to improve visualisation and consistency:
    • Update to checkbox style for improved aesthetics
    • Update of terminology
  • Responsive styling for Profile search
  • Enhanced to Light Mode to improve visibility of Options icon