HumanTrak Release Notes 2.0.1

Release Notes for HumanTrak v2.0.1

We have been working hard to improve the functionality and ease of use of HumanTrak and have some exciting updates. Please see below for detailed changes in this update


  • Marker-based foot-ground contact detection for landing tests
  • Removed AnkleOffset from the calculation of ankle dorsiflexion
  • Neck flexion calculation less sensitive to changes in trunk flexion
  • Neck lateral flexion calculation less sensitive to changes in trunk lateral flexion
  • Updated Plumbline calculation to project vertically up/down from the Centre of Mass instead of Ankle markers
  • AutoTrainer Pause and Cancel buttons are now much closer to the center of the screen for easy access
  • Updated terminology to remove references to 'balance' and replaced them with more intuitive descriptions of movement (e.g., hip balance replaced with pelvic lateral tilt)


  • Ankle Dorsiflexion measurement now calculated using only marker positions
  • Integration of new Body Tracking software with three additional joints tracked
  • Body tracking is more robust to marker occlusion
  • Improved body tracking algorithms means the sensors are not mandatory for every test
  • New Spine curvature and shoulder measurements leveraging extra markers are available in the research mode CSV file
  • HumanTrak calibration is now automatic using sensors inside the camera
  • Support for additional camera hardware