ForceFrame Detection Thresholds

ForceFrame uses thresholds to detect when a rep is performed, as well as detect when impulse should be recorded. 

These thresholds allow for real-time analysis as each rep is completed, and can be adjusted in ForceFrame settings as required.
For example:
If the Rep Threshold is set to 150N, ForceFrame will detect that a rep has started when the force applied goes above 150N, and it will begin looking for a peak.
If the Impulse Threshold is set to 25N, ForceFrame will start calculating impulse when the force applied goes above 25N. The Impulse Threshold is used to ensure unwanted contractions ( between reps) does not skew overall impulse results.
To adjust detection thresholds in ForceFrame App:
  1. Log in to ForceFrame App
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select Testing
  4. Adjust Rep Threshold and Impulse Threshold as required
  5. Click X Icon to close settings