Merging Profiles

If you've encountered duplicate profiles within your Profiles table, it's possible to merge these profiles (including their data and categories) via the 'Merge Profiles' function within the ForceDecks Windows Actions menu -

To merge two existing Profiles inside the ForceDecks Windows App:

  1. Go to Profiles.
  2. Within the athlete's table of ForceDecks Windows, it's possible to highlight multiple profiles. (Ctrl+Click)
  3. Once you've selected multiple profiles, the 'Merge Profiles' button under the Actions menu will become available.
  4. Choose the profile whose details (Id, DoB, height, name etc.) you'd like to keep and select 'Ok'.

Your profiles test data, categories, groups, tags and notes will then transferred to the selected profile.

TIP: When selecting multiple profiles use the search bar, or Sort By filters to narrow down your list more quickly.