HumanTrak Quick Testing Guide

This quick guide covers the steps required to complete a test in HumanTrak.

Step 1 - Prepare your HumanTrak kit
  1. Connect the 3D Infrared camera into the laptop
  2. Log in to your HumanTrak account
Step 2 - Add your client profile
  • Create a new client profile; or
  • Select an exiting client profile; or
  • Bulk import client profiles via a CSV file.
Step 3 - Run your test

HumanTrak has a range of pre-programmed tests for upper and lower body range of motion and dynamic movements.

  • Select individual tests from build-in categories; or
  • Create custom categories from the settings menu
Step 4 - View and share results
  • View results on screen; or
  • Export report; or
  • Email report.