Importing Tests into ForceDecks

You may need to import a test from a file to:
  • Analyse data recorded on your force plates prior to acquiring ForceDecks software
  • Analyse a test (.CSV file) that someone has sent to you
  • Reanalyse a test that you have previously auto-saved
  • Reanalyse and manually mark a trial (rep) that has been previously exported
To import a test from a file:
  1. Log in to ForceDecks
  2. Go to Profiles 
  3. Select the desired profile
  4. Click Record Test for Selected (as if you were running test) 
  5. Click Import Test from File  
  6. Navigate to your file and double click on it.  A force-time trace will appear as if you had just run a test live.  
  7. Click Analyse or Analyse and Save  
  8. If required, click Test Properties to modify details such as recording date, notes, categories, groups and tags
Once imported, the following will show in the Test Properties:
  • The original date-time of the test
  • The date-time analysed
  • The version of ForceDecks used in the analysis