VALD Hub - Changes to Users and Permissions

VALD HUB | Changes to Users and Permissions

We are making some changes to our permissions model. With this most recent update the terms Team Admin and Group Admin will now become obsolete. Henceforth, Admins will simply be known as Users. 
With this release Group and Team Admins will be merged onto a single Users management page. From here if you have the appropriate permissions you will be able to add, manage and delete other user(s) within the team. 
Now when adding a new User, rather than assigning them a role with pre-set permissions [eg Group Admin], now when adding a new User, you will be able to customise the individual user’s permissions and access.


Permissions are further broken down into five sub-categories from which the following options are selectable from the drop-down box for each option.
  • Access
    • All Categories and Groups
    • Specific Categories and Groups
  • Categories & Group Management
    • View, Create, Modify, Delete
    • None
  • User Management
    • View, Create, Modify, Delete
    • None
  • Profile Management
    • View Only
    • View, Create, Modify
    • View, Create, Modify, Delete
  • Tests and Training Sessions
    • View Only
    • View, Create, Modify
    • View, Create, Modify, Delete
  • Training Programs
    • View Only
    • View, Create, Modify
    • View, Create, Modify, Delete
  • View only = User will be able to view relevant information on VALD Hub but not alter the data in any way.
  • Create, Modify = create, edit, and record data. User(s) will be able to create and edit training programs and/or athletes and record and upload test and training sessions via the applications. 
  • Delete = delete. Enables users with this permission level to delete athlete(s) and/or training programs. Currently the functionality to delete test(s) does not exist. 
Please note the hierarchical structure of the permissions interface; in that in granting someone Delete permissions they automatically receive View, Create and Modify Permissions. 
Please also note that the User and Category & Group Management permissions are conditional as to whether a User has access to All Categories.
Please note that at the time of release the Tests and Training Sessions permission levels will only apply to VALD Hub and ForceDecks. All users will still have full functionality of the ForceFrame and NordBord applications for the time being. Support for View Only Test and Training Session permissions will be included in the next application update(s).  
Create a new User

Go to the Users tab of the Management page. The Users tab will only be accessible if you have the correct permissions set. Click the green Add user button. The Add User page is now divided into two sections: General Details and Permissions.
General Details
 Complete the mandatory fields under General Details for each new user.
All Categories and Groups will give a user access to all the profiles within the team. 
Select Categories and Groups enables you to restrict a user and their relevant permissions to specific group(s). Select the relevant groups using either the scrollable pop-up box or search function. Selected groups will appear listed in the groups text box.
Radio buttons are used to set the level for each permission. The default is View Only for each permission. These must be updated for a User to have additional permissions. 

The permission(s) level set apply not only to VALD Hub but will extend will to the use of the Nordbord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks software applications
NOTE: Certain permission levels are conditional to the level of Access assigned to the User
Edit a User’s permissions
Go to the Users tab of the Management page. Select Edit from the Actions drop down box.
A User’s name(s) and email will not be editable. Use the radio buttons to change their  access permissions levels. Click Save to bring the changes into effect
Should any issues arise, contact Support at to update the permissions associated with your team’s accounts. 

VALD HUB | Bug Fixes

The most recent release to VALD Hub also includes a number of bug fixes:
  • Neck Lateral Flexion test data now correctly displayed in Hub. 
  • Ankle dorsiflexion now included within the correct family of test for Edit Test Type
  • Consistency in training program data appearance between iOS and Windows
  • Fixed formatting issues with training program builder
  • Fixed formatting issues with Add Athlete screen
  • Fix to Strength and Imbalance Summary graph(s) labelling:
    • Dates listed in ascending chronological order left to right for the Strength Summary
    • Dates listed in ascending chronological order top to bottom for the Imbalance Summary