Bluetooth Pairing Guide

Refer to the below guide if you are experiencing a Bluetooth pairing problem on your smart device.

To start:

  • Verify and ensure that your devices are compatible with Bluetooth BLE 4.0. 
  • Ensure proximity or closeness between your smart device and AirBands. 
  • Ensure AirBands are turned on (continuous LED blinking). 
  • Android: please allow AirBands app access to location services. 

Refresh Bluetooth connection.

Turning Bluetooth off and on can be used to deal with minor pairing errors. Just follow these steps to proceed:

  1. From the Home screen, tap on Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Tap or slide the Bluetooth switch to the OFF position.
  4. After about 30 seconds, toggle the switch to turn Bluetooth back ON again.

Try an airplane mode fix.

  1. Tap Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Select Airplane Mode.
  3. Tap the switch to turn Airplane Mode on. 
  4. While Airplane mode is turned on, restart/soft reset your smart device.
  5. Then head back to Settings-> Airplane Mode menu.
  6. Toggle the switch to turn Airplane Mode off again.

Wait for your smart device to re-establish wireless radios, then retry pairing your device again.

Reboot your smart device and AirBands. 

  • Random software errors on both devices may be the underlying cause. To rectify these errors, perform a soft reset on your smart device by powering it off and on again. 
  • With your AirBands, hold the module button down for 3 seconds to turn the device off, after a few seconds, press the power button to turn it back on again. 
  • Re-attempt to pairing at this stage. 

Reset network settings on your smart device. 

Doing so will erase all your current network preferences including saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections.

  1. From your Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Select Reset Network Settings from the given options.
  3. Then tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm that you want to reset network settings on your smart device.

 As soon as it’s finished rebooting, you can re-enable Bluetooth then retry pairing your smart device with your AirBands.