HumanTrak | VALD Hub SSO

HumanTrak | Vald HUB Single Sign On

  •        Single sign-on support for HumanTrak using Vald HUB credentials
  •        First stage of HumanTrak integration into Hub
  •        To be released Tuesday 13th of October 4.30pm AEST 

Welcome Email

  • Regardless of which platform you use to create a new user they will receive the same welcome email. Once a password is set; the login credentials can then be utilized across all VALD platforms.

HumanTrak and VALD Hub Users

  • All Staff users will now have the ability to use one login to access both HumanTrak and VALD Hub
  • The most recently set password set will supersede the other. You will be able to you should use your most recently set password to access your account on VALD Hub, HumanTrak Portal, and your HumanTrak software.
  • If you are unsure of which password to use, click ‘Can't remember your password’ to set a new password which will work across all platforms.

  • Please note that with this release, permissions for either VALD Hub and HumanTrak will not automatically migrate to the other. We are aiming to integrate this functionality soon. Therefore, each users roles and permissions for each platform will remain the same for the time being. New users will still need permissions set independently for each platform.

HumanTrak ONLY Users

  • Your HumanTrak login credentials will be reset. You will receive an mail welcoming you to VALD Hub and asking you to set a new password for your account. You are required to set a password. This password may then to be used to access HumanTrak and VALD Hub.
  • Please note that at this time HumanTrak permissions and data do not automatically migrate to Hub. We are aiming to integrate this functionality soon.
  • If you currently attempt to log into VALD Hub, your credentials will work but as yet you will not be able to see any teams. 

  • Please note with forthcoming functionality this will map to your existing HumanTrak organisation. 
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