AirBands Module Attachment

If your AirBands module is either not inflating, or inflating slowly while otherwise making all the correct sounds. It's possible the module isn't securely mated with the cuff - so that while the pump is operating, it mightn't be filling the bladder.

If you find your AirBands module is not inflating, or if instructed by VALD Support, please try the following:

  1. Re-attach the module to the bladder by pushing the module down directly onto the 4 locking pins. Each pin should 'snap' into place.
  2. With the module firmly attached, massage the area inside the cuff behind the two bladder intake ports - these will likely be felt as protruding from the inside of the cuff before being massaged into place.


With the module 'popped-off' you will now be able to see the two 'bladder intake ports' (2) and four 'locking pins' (1)