Reset the AirBands application

If prompted by VALD Support, stepping through the following will reset any saved user-settings in the AirBands app and force log you out of any ongoing sessions.


Reset the AirBands app:

  1. Open the AirBands application.
  2. While on the ‘Let’s pair your AirBands’ screen: 
    1. Long-press the picture of the AirBands module.
  3. On the following page, click the “Reset Prefs” button.
  4. Force-Close the application by opening the app-switcher view and swiping away the app.

Clear Cookies and site data

  1. Open Chrome. 
  2. Open the overflow ( ⋮ ) menu and select 'Settings'. 
  3. Scroll down to the "Advanced" option, and select 'Privacy' - 'Clear browsing data'.
  4. Adjust the Time range to include when you first installed the AirBands application and check the 'Cookies and site data' option.
  5. Click Clear data.
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