VALD Hub - August 2020

Feature Improvements


Management Pages

  • The Team Admin management table now includes the ability to directly create Team Admins.

  • Group admins now require a group assignment before their creation.

Please note: Only current Team Admins will be able to create new Group and Team Admins. Groups Admins can now only Add & Edit assigned athletes within the group(s) to which they are assigned. Therefore, it is important that all athletes are assigned to the appropriate group, otherwise they will be unassigned and only viewable by Team Admins. 

Training Program Builder - ForceFrame

  • The new Training Program Builder in VALD Hub allows users the ability to create training programs for use in the ForceFrame iOS and Windows Applications. This centralised portal gives users the ability to create, configure, edit, and monitor training programs on Hub.

📽 ForceFrame training mode walkthrough:

0:00 - 0:40  Where to find ForceFrame Training Mode
0:40 - 3:05  How to create a ForceFrame Training exercise
3:05 - 5:05  How to edit a ForceFrame Training exercise
3:05 - 5:05  How to edit a ForceFrame Training exercise

Edit Test Type

  • Expanded on the ability to edit a test once it has been uploaded. 

Now able to edit Test Type and Position in addition to the athlete/'owner' of a given test.

Edit & Delete Training Programs

  • New API changes allowing programming versioning gives users the ability to Edit and Delete training programs.

    Uploaded training sessions are stored against the version they were recorded against meaning training data is never lost.    

New versioning of training programs also means users are again able to create training programs via the ForceFrame Windows app.