ForceDecks Release Notes 2.0.7503

Feature Improvements



  • Single-leg drop-jumps now auto-detected.
  • Grouped test types in test selection lists.
  • Applications now auto-logout on exit. 
    • Added "Remember me" option to the Credentials page
  • Temporary data files are no longer stored within the local database file. Offline database files will be smaller as a result.

  • ForceDecks

    • Tightened restrictions on athlete attribute creation.
      • ❗ Duplicate attribute names and/or values are not permitted in the new update. Please note: all existing attributes and attribute values are retained within the upgrade. All new attributes and values must be unique. This new feature is case sensitive. Creating duplicates via edit or the new attribute/value button will now prompt an error message.
    • Re-instated export raw chart trial data option to export single-trial force-time plus performance curves for a single trial.
    • Added athlete id to the athlete info page

    • Changes to Test Type should more readily be reflected via ForceDecks API.
    • Added CSV import "append" to allow multiple recordings to be merged into one 

    ForceDecks Jump

    • Added a quick create function.

    • Fixed save loaded tests with different loads not saving as separate tests.