About AirBands safety

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AirBands safety

Blood Flow Restriction training, like other forms of exercise, comes with inherent associated risks. For this reason, AirBands users are advised to seek advice from a medical practitioner before participating in BFR training. 

Please ensure that you carefully read and complete the in-app screening tool*, prior to commencing BFR training.

If at any time you feel pins and needles, sensation changes (coldness), or pain you must immediately stop BFR training and seek medical assistance.

Note: It is not safe to use both upper and lower cuffs at the same time, therefore we only recommend using either upper or lower cuffs at a time.

How to stop inflation in an emergency?

The button on each cuff module acts as an emergency stop. 
Any time a cuff is inflated, it can be immediately deflated by firmly pressing the large button on the module.

How to remove AirBands?

A cuff can be removed from a limb at any time by pulling off the Velcro strap

How to recomplete the screening tool?

At least one cuff must be paired to the AirBands app to access the screening tool. Once you proceed from the pairing screen in the app you will have the option to recomplete the screening tool.

*The tool is not a comprehensive assessment and does not result in a warranty of a particular safety outcome and in no way guarantees against an adverse event occurring (including the potential for serious injury or death).