Armbands troubleshooting

Set up guide – Armbands

  • During the assessment portion for AirBands, arterial occlusion pressure is being calculated, it is important the following steps are followed, calibration is sensitive, not doing so, will cause an error.

How to put on your AirBands

  • Place AirBands on the most upper portion of the arm (as high as comfortable), please ensure this is room for two fingers under cuff. For the most accurate result/calibration: please get into a comfortable sitting position, with back of arm supported.
  • The charging port should be facing away from the body, as imaged below.

Automatic pressure calibration

  • Text BoxNow press the “Proceed with Automatic Mode” button – the cuff will begin to inflate. The cuff start to feel tight, this is normal. 
  • Please remain still and keep limb non-tensed the entire time until the process is over, you will be prompted when completed, this is the screen you will see when calibration is successful:

This is the screen you will see when calibration is unsuccessful: what do to when calibration fails? 

  • Please allow least 30 seconds, for all residual air to clear out of cuff before re-attempting calibration, press down on band with fingers, forcing any residual air out. 

  • To help clear air out of cuff, please run fingers between skin and cuff, applying gentle pressure to the back of the cuff and moving fingers in a sweeping motion from the centre to left and right edges, please see images below for instructions: