How to put on AirBands

Where to put on?

1. Patient general health assessment should be confirmed prior to AirBands placement and use.

2. The integrity and quality of the skin should be assessed prior to AirBands.

3. AirBands should be positioned on the limb at the point of the maximum circumference. Location should be

selected such that as much tissue as possible lies between the cuff and any nerves or vascular structures

that could be subject to compression:

LEG - Place a thigh cuff on the proximal third of the thigh

ARM - Place an arm cuff midway between the shoulder and elbow

How to put on?

1. Apply the appropriate limb protection material to the limb in the area selected for the AirBand. A soft padding

should be placed around the limb before application of the AirBands. It can help reduce wrinkling, pinching,

and shearing of the soft tissue.

2. Grasp the application strap and position the module in the desired position on the limb.

3. Slide the fastening strap through the application loop.

4. Tension the cuff and secure the strap for a snug application of the cuff on the limb

5. A snugly applied cuff allows two fingers easily under the cuff at both proximal and distal edges.

6. If only one finger fits, the cuff is too tight; if three fingers fit, the cuff is too loose.

7. A loose cuff will require higher pressure to stop blood flow and may slide to an unsafe position on the limb

during use.