NordBord Measurement Verification

Certain situations will call for manual verification of the readings from your NordBord. This can be performed infield by following the procedure depicted in the image below.

Important: Please exercise caution when performing this procedure and ensure at least double the reference weight is used to counterweight the NordBord. Failure to do so could lead to injury or damage to your NordBord.

To determine the expected reading you will need to convert the reference weight to Newtons. To convert kilograms multiply the reference weight by 9.81 and for pounds multiply by 4.45.

For example, if a 10 kilogram reference weight is used you would expect a reading of approximately 98 Newtons. As this is not a perfect test set-up, you can expect some variance in the result (± 5%) due to misalignment of the load cell to the vector of force. For best results try to ensure the base of the NordBord hook is perfectly vertical throughout the measurement.