NordBord Calibration

Every NordBord load cell is individually calibrated to ensure accurate in-field readings. This calibration value is used to convert the electrical signal from the load cell into force measurements and is stored on the NordBord electronics. On occasion, you may be required to update these calibration values such as when a replacement load cell is installed.

Your NordBord calibration values can be updated using the NordBord PC app and the process is outlined in this article. You should only ever update your calibration information under the guidance of Vald Performance staff Incorrect calibration will result in incorrect readings from your NordBord.

If you do not have the NordBord PC app installed, you can download the software from Vald Hub on the downloads page.

Launch the NordBord PC app without turning on your NordBord

Click 'Device' to open the Select Device panel

Click 'Settings' to open the Settings menu

Select 'Device' on the Settings menu

Toggle the 'Show Calibration' switch

Connect and turn on your NordBord

Enter the calibration value provided by Vald Performance staff and click 'Calibrate' (Left Sensor shown)Confirm that you want to proceedIf calibration information is successfully updated you will see a green tickRepeat with the other sensor if required

Your device should now be correctly calibrated