How to use the AirBands App

Follow the steps below to start using the AirBands App.

Step 1 - Confirm Bluetooth BLE 4.0

Make sure your smart device meets minimum Bluetooth requirements: BLE 4.0. This can be done by checking the smart device specifications in your settings. 

Ensure the Bluetooth setting on your smart device is turned on.

Step 2 - Launch AirBands App

Launch the AirBands app. You will be prompted through the app sign up process.

Step 3 - Complete BFR Screening

Complete the BFR screening questions to access the pairing screen.

Step 4 - Turn AirBands On

Firmly press the button on each AirBands module.

When turned on, the LED on the module will flash red and orange.

Step 5 - Pair AirBands

Hold the AirBands in close proximity to your smart device to enable detection. Once detected, you can connect the AirBands.

Step 6 - Select Pressure Mode

Automatic Pressure Mode - Will initiate the calibration process. This is where the AirBands will inflate to automatically detect the limb pressure and calculate your arterial occlusion pressure (AOP). From here you can then select a percentage of your AOP to be applied during training.

Manual Pressure Mode - Enables you to manually set your arterial occlusion pressure, up to a maximum of 250mm Hg.

Step 7 - Inflate AirBands

Once you have confirmed a pressure to be applied, the AirBands can be inflated.