AirBands pairing guide

AirBands Pairing Guide

Step 1

Make sure smart device meets minimum Bluetooth requirements: LE 4.0. This can be done by checking smart device specifications in your setting. 

Step 2

Please ensure that Bluetooth on the smart device is turned on. 

Step 3

Launch AirBands app.

Step 4

Complete screening and get onto the pairing screen.

Step 5

Now press and hold the AirBands button for 3 seconds to turn on devices. 

Step 6

Orange light will be illuminated to indicate device is powered up.

Step 7

Now devices are powered on, hold in close proximity to smart device, they should be automatically detected.

Step 8

When device is found, it will illuminate orange, click on it to pair.

Step 9

You have successfully paired your AirBands, now press the "Proceed with devices" button, to begin exercising.