AirBands Calibration

Calibration – Troubleshooting 

For the video version of how-to setup for calibration, please watch the following video using the link:

Step 1

Get into a comfortable recumbent position.

Step 2

Place AirBand on the upper arm with module facing forward over the bicep muscle. Ensure the AirBands are on snugly, but not too tight (two fingers gap between skin and AirBands). 

Step 3

Get into a comfortable non-tensed position. 

Step 4

Pressure “Calibrate Pressure” and remain stationary, note: Only 1 x AirBands will inflate during calibration. 

Step 5

AirBands is now inflating and measuring your calibration pressure.

Step 6

After approximately 1 minute you will have your calibration pressure.

Step 7

If calibration failed, you will receive the following message.

Step 8

Please try again and repeat the above steps again and ensure the following.