How to Assign Ungrouped Athletes

Ungrouped athletes are athletes who have not been assigned to any groups. 

Group Admins: 

With the upgrade from DashBord to VALD Hub in December 2019, Group Admins will no longer be able to view ungrouped athletes. They must be assigned to a group the admin has permission to access in order to be viewed by the Group Admin. If you are struggling to locate athletes that you could previously see in DashBord, they may be ungrouped. Contact a Team Admin of your organisation to locate the athletes and assign relevant groups to them and to your group admin profile. 

Team Admins: 

Team Admins are able to see all athletes, regardless of whether they are grouped or not. You can also manage the team's groups and Group Admins. This article shows how to create a new group out of ungrouped athletes, as well as how to add ungrouped athletes to an existing group. This can only be performed by a Team Admin. For more information about Team Preferences and how to update them, click here

Assigning ungrouped athletes to a new group: 

To create, edit and delete groups, click on Management in the left-hand menu of the Hub, then click Groups.

To create a new group, click the green ‘Add group’ button at the top of the page.

Enter a name for the group. All athletes within the team appear in the list on the left-hand side. Ungrouped athletes are located together at the end of the list. Scroll down to view all ungrouped athletes.

Athletes can be added to the group by double clicking their name, or selecting their name and clicking the top orange right arrow button. Multiple athletes in a row can be selected by clicking the first athlete, holding the SHIFT button and clicking the last athlete. This will highlight all athletes within the range. Click the orange single arrow right button (second from the top) to add these athletes to the group. 

Click Save to finish creating the group.

Adding ungrouped athletes to an existing group:

To add athletes to an existing group, click on the ‘Actions’ menu beside the group’s name, and select ‘Edit’.

Athletes already part of the group will appear on the right hand side, with all remaining athletes listed on the left hand side. Athletes which are currently ungrouped are located together at the end of the list. Scroll down to view all ungrouped athletes.

For more information on managing a team's groups, refer to the Creating, Editing and Deleting Groups support article. 

Should you face any issues with the above processes, please contact 

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