Team Permissions: Team Admins and Group Admins

Overview of Team Admin vs Group Admin

What is a Team Admin?  A Team Admin (formerly called "Primary Admin") can view all data associated with all athletes within the team. A Team admin can also create and promote Group Admins. 

What is a Group Admin? A Group Admin (formerly called "Admin") can only view the athletes and data included in the groups they have been assigned, and cannot view or create other admins. 

Important: with the upgrade to VALD Hub in December 2019, ungrouped athletes will no longer be visible to Group Admins until assigned to a group they have permission to access. 
  Team Admins Group Admins
Create, edit and delete athletes
Record and upload tests for athletes
View and export results
Create, edit and delete groups
Create, edit and promote Admins

How to create a Group Admin: 

Go to and log in.

A Team Admin can view all Group Admins and fellow Team Admins on the Hub, under the Management tab. 

Group Admins can be created by clicking the green Add admin button. 

An admin can be assigned one or several groups by individually selecting each of the desired groups from the ‘Add to groups’ drop-down list.

The groups associated with an admin can be updated at any time by clicking on the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu beside the Admin’s name and selecting edit. 

Groups can be removed from an admin by clicking the x beside the name of the group. Groups can be added by making individual selections from the drop-down list.

How to promote a Group Admin: 

Team Admins can also upgrade a Group Admin to be a Team Admin, by clicking the Actions drop down menu beside the Admin’s name and selecting promote.

After clicking yes in the confirmation pop up, the selected group admin will be promoted to a team admin and subsequently be able to view all athlete profiles and past test data associate with the Team on VALD Hub. 

Should any issues arise, contact Support at to update the permissions associated with your team’s accounts. 

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