ForceDecks Test: Squat Assessment Protocol

ForceDecks App Protocol

Starting Position
  • Normal standing posture
  • Hands on hips (if unweighted) or hands on barbell (if weighted)
  • Chest up and looking forward
  1. Select test type – Select Squat Assessment from the Test Type drop down menu on test recording screen.
  2. Zero plates – Ensure nothing is touching plates and click "Zero Platforms"
  3. Step on plates – Ask individual to step on the plates.
  4. Weigh individual – Click “Measure Weight”. The individual must remain completely still, and the colour display must register green before accepting body weight.
  5. [OPTIONAL] Enter External load – If applicable, the weight of the external load can be manually added in the ForceDecks software.
  6. Assume starting position – Ask individual to assume starting position.
  7. Stabilise individual – Instruct the individual to remain completely still, for 2-3 seconds before, and between each rep.
  8. Start Recording – Click ”Start Recording”
  9. Perform squat - Instruct the individual to:
    1. Keep chest up and looking forward:
    2. Bend down into a squat, keeping the knees in line with the toes; then
    3. Push through the heels; then
    4. Assume the starting position again.
  10. Repeat squat– Repeat step 9 for desired number of reps.
  11. Stop recording – Click "Stop Recording".
  12. Review – Review that reps and test type have been detected correctly.  You can manually correct the test type and/or manually mark trial ranges, if required.
  13. Analyse Click "Analyse and Save" - to move directly to next individual; or Click "Analyse" – to review result.
Reps 1 - 100 reps

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