HumanTrak Test: Drop Jump Protocol

Test description and protocols:

Starting Position
  • Standing on box
  • Hands on hips
  1. Enter in a set height of the box for the assessment.
  2. Ensure when the individual is standing in the landing zone they are in the middle of the position circle. Place the box behind the individual in this position.
  3. Have the individual stand on the edge of the box facing the camera.
  4. Click [Capture] and have the individual step off the box, and as soon as they land complete a maximal vertical jump.
  5. Click [Stop] once the assessment is complete. 
  6. Review instant results on right-hand side of screen.
Repetitions 1

Instant Results

  • Knee flexion (peak)
  • Hip flexion (peak)
  • Knee-ankle-separation-ratio (initial contact)
  • Knee-ankle-separation-ratio (peak)