HumanTrak Test: Single Leg Squat Protocol

Test description and protocols:

Starting Position
  • Single leg stand posture
  • Hands on hips
  1. Ensure the individual is standing in the middle of the position circle.
  2. Have the individual stand straight with their hands on their hips, and the foot of the required leg directly facing the camera. Raise the non-required leg to 45° of hip and knee flexion. 
  3. Click [Capture] on the required side and have the individual squat down on the required leg as far as possible, and stand back up again. Complete a total of 3 repetitions. Click [Stop] once the assessment is complete. 
  4. Complete on the other side.
  5. Review instant results on right-hand side of screen.
Repetitions 3 each side

Instant Results

  • Shoulder balance (peak)
  • Knee flexion (peak)
  • Knee deviation (peak)
  • Hip balance (peak)